Tough hands & feet

Tough hands & feet

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 Hands & Feet




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Men, our hands and feet are one of the best body parts we're blessed with. They're also the first body parts to show signs of ageing.

We use your hands to do practically everything. Home DIY, labour work, gym training, gardening, drive and as you can imagine, the lists goes on. 

And for your feet, we're sure you don't need us to elaborate on the importance of ur feet. However feet care is also just as important as our hands. Not only do they feel better but aesthetically look better too.

It would be near impossible to the most simple tasks without them. But as we get get older the tougher they become, they become weaker and less flexible, with this their sensation receptors also decline. Some hand and feet problems can even be signs of certain health conditions. It's important to notice any changes on our hands and feet early on to enable us you to raise any concerned issues to your health professional. So keeping them in their best possible condition is incredibly important.




Body and hand creams usually work well, there are also some specialised tough hand and foot creams on the market. However if you're one of the unlucky ones who are constantly surrounded by tough surroundings, handling, touching and carrying tough, heavy objects day to day wether that be work or lifestyle, creams will have limitations to what they can achieve in terms of reversing the result of 'tough hands & feet' 

For severely 'tough hands & feet' a reversing treatment is advised to enable the dead, tough and bonded skin to dissolve and peel off the surface of your underlying hands, palms, foot and heels so the new fresh and breathable skin can be revealed. 

In such tough cases, many across the globe have been opting for hand peels to rectify this issue.

The peel used is a form of skin peel substance in the AHA group which causes a minor injury to the upper layer of the hands and feet which then peels away over a particular amount of days. This ranges from case to case. Similar to when you mistakenly cut yourself, your skin forms a protective 'scab' as most call it, then peels away revealing the new fresh skin beneath. Rest assured, the minor injury is not as severe as cutting wound. The effects are similar to a lizard shedding its skin.


 Points to know about the hand & feet peel

  • Peeing begins from day 3 and can last up to 10 days for full effect 
  • 1-3 peels may be required to achieve desired results
  • Peel treatments should space between 3-4 weeks
  • Hands may appear tough and dry during the peeling stage.

Wondering if a hand & face peel could be suitable for you? 

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