6 - 12 week Transformation

6 - 12 week Transformation

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Hi, Coach Az here. Get ready to transform your body & health in 6 weeks with my all in 1 package. With 5+ years in the fitness industry, I've packaged everything you'll need to get in your best physical shape and better health in as little as 6 weeks! Just focus on showing up, following my plan, my team and i will do the rest, from your workouts, measurements, before & after to your nutrition.




Firstly you'll be booked in for your initial consultation to discuss exactly what you'd like to achieve in 6 weeks. This is where your workout schedule, program and nutrition plan will be created. Here is also where your weekly accountability check in will be held to ensure you're staying on track each and every week.


During your initial consultation and agreement to opt in, your before photos will be taken for your client profile, this will allow us to visually compare your transformation upon the completion of your 6 week journey. 


You'll have access to up to 12 session per week. Don't worry you wont be required to attend all 12 sessions, even for a fit pro like myself that is way too much! You'll only be required to attend a minimum of 4 group sessions per week. Your dedicated workouts will be solely based around your goal and run as early as 5am till as late as 8pm. Below is some example of what the sessions will look like based on your goal. Don't worry if you're a complete beginner, everybody has to start somewhere but you'll soon adapt.


As well as your group sessions being included as part of your transformation program, you'll also have full access to our gym and sauna facilities for the duration of your 6 or 12 week program. 


Now the exciting part, your nutrition plan! By far the most frustrating part for many when it it comes to seeing visual results and no wonder why. The common question ''What do i need to eat and how much?'' 

I've made this often complex step as easy as possible for you. It's all about meal prep and guess what, you won't even have to prep it yourself. It'll all be done for you while saving you money, time and preventing you from steering off track.

Monday - Friday all I consume is is meal preps of different flavours. Why? Because it makes my life easier! Like many, I don't want to have to count calories, shop separately for healthy foods so instead I have it delivered to my door, placed in my fridge freezer and it's ready when I need it. This is the ultimate hack when it comes to staying on track! For the past 2 years I've been using a reputable meal prep company with pricing costing as little as £2.60 per meal for a high protein, low carbs, healthy meal that will help you achieve your goal. Alternatively if you enjoy cooking we'll apply the self cook IIFYM plan to your program which allows you to eat anything you want as long as it meets your daily macro nutrient target, more on this will be discussed in your consultation.


About me.

My name is Az, also known by many as 'Az fitness'

I've worked with plenty of clients across the portsmouth city within 3 different gyms. The gym group, Jetts fitness and currently basecamp gym as well as my very own ladies fitness studio. Rest assured you're in good hands and with a trainer filled with knowledge and experience in the industry.




How to get started!

Firstly, please check out above if you've decided to opt in. If you'd prefer a call first to fo over any questions, this is also fine. Just drop me a message via the Whatsapp icon below.

Secondly please open the Whatsapp icon below and send me a message quoting 'Get started now!'

We'll then schedule a day and time to book your initial consultation. I look forward to helping you Feel Healthier & Live Longer

Any questions please feel free to ask via the Whatsapp icon below. Alternatively please call +447551236393